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1-6 Yasuuchi, Yatsuo-machi, Toyama-city, Toyama-Pref. 939-2366 Japan

Company Profile


Name of company/Japan Torx Co., Ltd.

Location/Head Office and Factory

   1-6 Yasuuchi, Yatsuo-machi, Toyama-city, Toyama-Pref., 939-2366 Japan

                 Tennohira Factory   (Moved to Main Factory above)


Established /December 22, 1964


Incorporated /February 11 , 1976


Capital /58,000,000   58 million JPY


President /Koyo Takano


Lines of business /

   Manufacture and sales of precision stamping parts for electronic equipment and systems.


   Manufacture and sales of compound terminals and springs with electric contacts,

   and compound molding parts for use in switches.


   Manufacture and sales of micro switches.


Land / Main Office and Factory: 25,704㎡


Employees /37


Banks /Hokuriku Bank Yatsuo Branch, The Toyama Shinkin Bank Yatsuo Branch etc.


Head Office and Factory

Tennohira Factory

Company Logo

■■■ Company History ■■■

1976  Incorporated Japan Torx Co., Ltd. with capital of 10 million yen.

1979  Received Science and Technology Agency Director Award (micro switches).

1981  Received Small and Medium Enterprises Agency Director Award (rectangular electric contact for switch, Chubu District 

Invention Commendation) and Kitanippon Shinbunsha President Award (clad electric contact).

1982  Received Invention Association President Award (miniaturized electric contact).

1983  Increased capital to 40 million yen.

1986  Received Science and Technology Agency Director Award for contribution to promotion of science and technology.

1987  Manufactured electric contact using clad material, and registered domestic patent on this product.

1988  Founder Tetsuo Takano received Yellow Ribbon Medal.

1989  Completed new production facilities in Toyama-Yatsuo Industrial Park, and moved main office and factory to the industrial park.

1991  Invention Big Award (the method of manufacturing electric contacts for small switches).

1994  Appointed Koyo Takano as new president.

1996  Increased capital to 48 million yen.

1998  Expanded overseas production and sales in Thailand and Singapore

2000  Introduced automated assembly machine for DIP switches

2002  Introduced advanced automated assembly and inspection machine for untra-small micro swiches (Q Type)

2004  Increased capital to 58 million yen.

2010  Joined Japan Electric Heater Association

2015  Renovated equipment for removing press oil with advanced fire prevention

2018  Started Assembly of Micro Switches at main factory



■■■ Brief History of Founder Tetsuo Takano ■■■


Established Takano Precision Industry Co., Ltd. in I964 and held the post of Managing Director in charge of technology. With the company motto "Invention is the Accumulation of Effects", carried out a high speed automatic production of electronic parts using the high speed automatic press and progressive dies, thereby fully attaining a mass production effect. Then, developed new technology by developing compound progressive dies. Also, successfully developed micro switches by developing the epochal method and obtained many domestic and foreign patents on these products.


Continued to greatly contribute to the development of the electronic equipment industry in Japan. Received Science and Technology Agency Director Award, Yellow Ribbon Medal, etc.



■■■ Origin of Company Logo and Name ■■■


Shapes of general screw patterns are shown as a ’hexagon’, '+' and '-'. Their heads are tend to cause metal fatigue by using a driver (a wrench). In order to prevent the phenomenon, the founder, Tetsuo Takano, invented ’Torx-Screw that showed a longer life in torque tests compared with those commonly in use at that time.

Screws are not produced directly in our factory now.  However, Torx-Screw is widely used for computers of American large manufacturer.


Management Philosophy


・Work at technical improvement with modest feeling

・Develop trusted products and distribute them for domestic and foreign use

・Aim for happiness of anyone engaged in company business


Quality Policy


Devoting ourselves to quality supremacy, providing reliability and customer satisfaction, aim at small leading company




Environmental Philosophy


With creativity of top management and individuals, try for preservation of global environment and customer satisfactions


Environmental Policy


1.Contribute to reduce burden on the environment by saving energy and natural resources, recycling, reducing in-process

   defect and industrial waste, and preventing air and water pollution.


2.Research, develop, purchase, manufacture, and provide products which are environmentally compatible.


3. Establish self-standard or rules concerning quality and environment, and constantly verify and improve them.


4. Cooperating customers and community or society, promote environmental preservation and self-awareness of it.


5. Disclose this Environmental Policy outside the company, and have it understood by all the employees in order for the




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