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Technology ― Solutions by the Pioneer of Contact Caulking


An electrical Contact is the heart of such electronic parts as switches and relays.  It is a specialist that has a technical know-how.
In fact, Japan Torx has pursued better “Structure of Contact” that provides the maximum function with minimum size or capacity.


This approach will meet various needs of VA like reducing the cost of contact, and also VE for next-generation products as well.

Clad square contact

Contact flush with the base material

With our own designed and manufactured dieing machines and progressive dies, cutting a wire (clad material or Ag profile) into contact pieces, bury and caulk them at the same time.  In particular, a clad square contact is ideal for reducing scrap.  This method of caulking contact in a high speed boast mass productivity, and what is better, it guarantees a high accuracy in quality because of eliminating product unevenness.


Holding a base material, adhere a contact to it, so excellent thermal-conductivity can be obtained.  A contact is cooled down thanks to high heat radiation of the base material, and it can prevent deterioration caused by thermal storage.  This is why downsizing or cost reduction can be possible.


See the pictures cut along the red line below.  Adhesion between a base material and a contact becomes stronger especially around green lines.  This guarantees strong caulking strength and prevents a contact from moving or dropping out.

Rivet contact

Welding contact

On the other hand, a rivet contact and a welding contact are widely used for electrical contact so far.


A rivet contact can vary in various shapes and produced by combining many kinds of materials.  Some products of Japan Torx have rivet contacts, however, the speed of burying contact is slower than that of cutting and caulking contact wire, so using rivet contact is suitable for relatively small amount of production.


A welding contact is put together by electrifying large current to the center projection.  Deposition area is less than 10 % of the whole contact.  Therefore, it takes more time of thermal diffusion caused by the on-off operation to the base material, so it results in temperature rise of the contact due to thermal storage.



◆Cost Comparison (Unit Price) of providing or manufacturing Contact


Here are examples of VA quotation of Japan Torx, for reference.

Actual cost depends on the thickness or amount of gold or silver.

Also, another budget for progressive dies is required.

Major facility equipment


<Production Section>

Dieing machine: 3-10t

Power press: 20t

Injection molding machine: 20-60t


<Machining Section>

Forming grinding machine

Milling machine

Electric discharge machine

Drilling machine


<Design Section>



<Inspection Section>


Tool microscope

Stereo microscope

Vickers hardness meter

Automated micro switch inspection machine

Non-CFCs & Non-ethane cleaning machine

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