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1-6 Yasuuchi, Yatsuo-machi, Toyama-city, Toyama-Pref. 939-2366 Japan


Precision Stamping Parts

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Thermostats, battery packs, small motors, lightening equipment, substrate for cell phones, on-vehicle connector, industrial relays  etc.



Our precision stamping parts meet the needs of the market mainly in the fields of household electric appliance and on-vehicle electronic equipment.


Especially, hair driers using products of Japan Torx account for more than 50% of the share in the world.

Also, production growth of on-vehicle connector, used for hybrid cars of Japanese leading manufacturer, is remarkable these days.

Product examples; after a clad square contact (① Ag Ni / Cu, ② Ag Ni / Cu / Ag Ni) is caulked with the base material such as Brass (C2680), Phosphor Bronze (C5190), Hyper Phosphor Bronze (C5200), Beryllium Cupper (C1720), some of which are with plating, perform blanking and bending process.

③ Product using round wire for contact; cut the wire into contact pieces, caulk them at the same time.

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Insert molded parts

④ For the former product, insert two square wires into progressive dies and perform caulking, compose resin.


⑤ A strong field of Japan Torx is caulking wire contact.  However, we can propose caulking rivet contact like the latter product, according to our customers' requests.


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Micro Switches



Micro Switches are used for automobiles, valve switches, audio, telecommunication equipment, computers, medical devices, video game machines etc.




Embodying the so-called “lighter, thinner, shorter, smaller.”


1.Decreasing the number of parts, shortened the whole process(cost efficiency)

2.Fully automated assembly and inspection production line(productivity、stability of quality)

3.Positional relation between each of the terminals and contact is regulated in a micron unit *(high-function、miniaturization)

4.Using gold for contacts has made it possible to operate under a minute current(contact reliability)

5.Good snap action **(long operating life)


*  Variety of terminals : short reed (no bending process) ⇔ long reed

** Plate spring has a good performance due to no force of bending process in production.



You can download catalogues here.

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