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Business  ―Precision Stamping Product and Micro Switches


Introducing original ideas and more advanced technologies, Japan Torx has developed the know-how of high speed automatic production of electronic parts.

Our products boast the large market share in the world.


Steady efforts and wisdom of all the young and experienced engineers make it possible to work for product planning, designing or making into product from various aspects and methods.  


Not being afraid of making mistakes, each employee or engineer develop techniques and experiences.  Japan Torx is the very field where we can contribute to more comfortable and safe society and the development of cultures by producing better product.

Most stamping parts, processed with our own designed and manufactured dieing machines and progressive dies, need to remove press oil with washing equipment.
Some are insert molded products. 
Micro Switches are manufactured with automated assembly and inspection machine.

Designing progressive dies; our products need to secure the precision in a micron unit.

Die polishing is an opportunity for a worker to show skills.

In Shipping Inspection, wear gloves so that sweat or hand oil do not attach to products.

Inspecting flaw or stain visually, use microscopes or loupes.

Projector and Image Dimension Measuring System enable us to confirm if products are within tolerance.
Action for health enhancement


Active practice of radio gymnastic


More and more companies care about health condition of each employee these days.

Japan Torx was awarded for having practiced radio gymnastic across the entire company for many years in 2013.  We believe that doing a small exercise in the beginning of work helps with improving concentration on work and productivity.  Based on Management Philosophy, we value each employee’s working for many years in good health.

Healthy sweetener ”Crystalline Fructose” interests many of our customers.


<Characteristics of Crystallin Fructose>


・It is a natural sweetener with various health-related effect; included in fruit, plants and honey, and mainly produced from corn.

・It does not make dextrin which becomes the cause of a bad tooth.

・It activates cells of the body.(rejuvenating action)

・It makes large amount of the glycogen, the source of energy of the liver fast, so effective in relieving fatigue.

・It does not need the gastric acid secretion, and does not cause heartburn.

・It promotes alcohol decomposition and has an effect on hangover.

・It does not use insulin and calcium and prevents diabetes.

・Strong reduction power prevents the oxidation of food.


★Enjoy with coffee, tea, milk, yogurt, fresh vegetable juice, baby food   etc.

It is also suitable for making fruit liquor, sweetener of various dishes, and so on.


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Fructose Japan Co., Ltd. (Associated Company) 

1087-1 Shimo-Yoshikawa, Fuchu-machi, Toyama-city, Toyama Pref. 939-2611 Japan

 Tel: 076-469-3920

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